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Here's 4 amazing resources to learn Web development:

  1. MDN Web Docs (developer.mozilla.org)
    free • resource • 2023

    MDN Web Docs is a comprehensive, well-written and overall the best documentation on web technologies. The Docs section contains references on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web APIs, as well as articles on web development topics such as accessibility, performance, and security. MDN Learning Area introduces beginners to web development in a series of step-by-step guides: from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to frontend tools and frameworks and server-side programming. MDN Web Docs is a go-to place to learn about anything web-related, so take time to explore what's in there.

  2. Full Stack Open (fullstackopen.com)
    free • course • by the University of Helsinki • 2023

    This is a course on modern web development with JavaScript. You'll learn how to develop, test, and deploy single-page applications using React, Redux, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, GraphQL, and TypeScript. This is an ideal resource for aspiring full stack developers and experienced programers that want to (or have to) get familiar with the JS ecosystem.

  3. Full Stack Python (www.fullstackpython.com)
    free • book • by Matt Makai • 2023

    This book covers everything you need to know to create, deploy, and operate Python-powered web applications: Python itself, relational and NoSQL databases, frameworks, frontend development, web servers, monitoring tools, and so on. It does not delve into every topic in depth, but instead provides a list of excellent resources to further explore each topic.

  4. RealWorld example apps (github.com)
    free • resource • 2023

    See how the exact same Medium.com clone is built using different frontend and backend technologies. If you want to learn how people use React, Angular, Vue.js, Express, ASP.NET Core, Django, or other framework in production-like environment, you may find this project helpful.