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Docker is the most popular container technology, a set of tools to build, run, and manage containers.

Containers help developers to distribute and deploy their applications easier. First you create an image – a set of files and metadata that fully describe your app and its environment. This includes an OS distribution, system and app dependencies, and the source code or a compiled binary. The you run containers – isolated processes created from the image.

Links: www.docker.com, Docker (Wikipedia), r/docker.

Related topics: Linux.

Here's 4 amazing resources to learn Docker:

  1. Docker docs (docs.docker.com)
    free • resource • 2023

    The documentation is great, but you need to know how it's structured to learn about Docker efficiently. Overview describes what Docker is. The Get started guide walks you through an example of using Docker. Other Guides cover different aspects of Docker such as development and CI/CD. Manuals show how to use particular tools as such Docker Build and Docker Compose in more detail. And Reference describes APIs, command line tools, Dockerfile and Compose specifications as fully as possible.

  2. Containers From Scratch (www.youtube.com)
    free • video • by Liz Rice • 2018

    In this talk Liz Rice shows that containers are really just Linux processes isolated with chroot, namespaces, and cgroups. You'll see how to build a simple container runtime in a few lines of Go.

  3. Play with Docker Classroom (training.play-with-docker.com)
    free • course • series • 2023

    Interactive labs and tutorials that help you get hands-on experience using Docker.

  4. Play with Docker (labs.play-with-docker.com)
    free • resource • by Marcos Nils, Jonathan Leibiusky • 2023

    This website provides you with an Alpine Linux VM in your browser that you can use to build and run Docker containers.