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This website collects best learning resources on programming and other IT-related topics so that you don't need to spend your time searching for them. We go through lots of books, articles, docs, and videos to pick those that we believe worth your time and can help your learn most effectively.


As sciences and technology advance, the world becomes more complex – there are more and more things to learn about. Luckily, the number and quality of learning resources grows as well. Finding information on almost any topic is not a problem nowadays. But there is another problem: there is too much information, and most of it isn't that good or doesn't suit your needs. How do you find the best content that fits your level and style of learning?

Search engines are good at finding some stuff but fail to filter out the best. So, you have to spend your time googling, reading reviews, and doing a research on the subject. There is a high chance someone has already learned the topic you are learning and done this research. They could save your time by sharing it. And that's exactly what we do at bestresourcestolearnx.com.


If you want to share some amazing resource or cover an entire topic not represented on the website, your contributions are very much welcome. Please visit this github repo for more information. Another way to help is to share this website with your friends or followers. Spread the word! More people using the website is the best motivation to work on it.


Hi! I'm Victor, the author of the project. You can contact me at victor@tenthousandmeters.com


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